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Pulse Smart Neck Massager

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Pulse Smart Neck Massager

+ Heatpulse™ Technology

$ 99.00 USD
$ 59.00 USD

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Easy to Operate

Quick & easy to use. Reward yourself after a stressful day of work simply by pressing the start button.


Compact and easily fits into purse, carry-on or briefcase for when you need it most.

TENS Technology

Scientific theory suggests that TENS technology blocks the pain signal from reaching the brain, increases blood circulation to targeted areas and stimulates your body’s natural painkillers.

Voice Function

Suitable for all people, including old people. Convenient to use, start the massage at a few clicks.

Remote Control

Comes with remote control for easy hassle-free operation.

Heating Pulse

Combines soothing heat and TENS technology to relieve pains effectively.

How to Use

1. First, tie back any hair around your neck and gently wipe your skin with a damp cloth to moisten and clean the skin.

2. Turn on the massager by pressing the power button. The default setting is the zero intensity and you need to press the "+" button to start the massage.

3. Press the mode button to choose between the 4 types of massages.

4. Press the heating button to turn on the heating function.

5. To decrease or increase the strength, you can adjust by pressing +/- buttons on the control panel or the remote control.

Product Specification


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Product FAQ

What language is the voice prompt?

It is in English. If you don't want to disturb others, you can switch off the voice by long pressing "+" for a few seconds.

Download User Manual

Four different massage modes help you get rid of all pain and stiffness in your neck muscles in a matter of minutes.

✓ Relieve neck pain and stiffness

✓ Stop cervical pain

✓ Ease body tension

✓ Improve sleep quality

✓ Promote blood circulation

Sore necks from chronic and acute pain are never fun. However, with this state-of-the-art Bino TENS pulse smart neck massager, they will be a thing of the past in no time!

Through its stainless steel contact pads, this handy TENS massager delivers small electrical impulses directly into your skin. The impulses target specific points where you feel pain, relieving it after roughly 15 minutes. All you have to do is place the pads near the sore spot on your body and let the electrotherapy do its job. And once it’s running on empty, simply recharge it via a USB connection like any other handy modern device.

Benefits of the TENS Pulse Smart Neck Massager

bino neck massager

Portable, handy, and easy to use, the smart neck massager from Bino comes with remote control, a rechargeable battery, and a portable bag to carry it all in.

This device has four adjustable massage modes and sixteen intensities. Choose one and enjoy total body relaxation.

In addition, the massager has a voice broadcast option. Whenever you make a switch in modes or intensities, the massager will voice out the mode and intensity. It’s so easy that even a child can understand!

And yes, even children and the elderly in your family can enjoy the benefits of the TENS pulse smart neck massager. No matter how big or small, the pain will go away with a simple shiatsu massage. Get your massage anywhere, at any time.

neck massager how to use

Package Includes
● Smart Neck Massager
● Remote Control
● 2 Electrode Pads
● Electrodes Wire
● Portable Bag
● User Manual
● Type-C Charging Cable