Remote Mini TENS Massager

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Remote Mini TENS Massager

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$ 39.99 USD

Despite being so small, the Remote Mini TENS Massager has 9 intensities and 6 modes to choose from. With this mini massager, you can relieve pain and stiffness anywhere on your body.

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Product Details

What makes a portable product great? Well, how about the fact that it’s even more portable than the other excellent products of the same brand?

Yes, Bino has decided to go a step further, so we’ve introduced the handy remote mini TENS massager. This spectacular tool offers all the benefits of other TENS massagers in our line, with one extra benefit: you can literally put it anywhere on your body where you feel pain.

That’s right, the mini TENS massager can cover more than neck and foot pain. Feel free to place it on your joints, thighs, shoulders, calves. You name it, the Mini will massage it!

The Many Benefits of the Remote Mini TENS Massager

  • A Bino mini massager is small enough to fit any purse or briefcase, so you can quite literally carry it with you anywhere; moreover, it’s lightweight so it’s extremely non-invasive.
  • The TENS massage method allows the pads to reach well beyond your skin, relieving your muscles and eliminating all pain within minutes.
  • It contains a 110 mAh lithium battery that’s easy to recharge via USB; for a single 40-minute charge, you can use it for 3 continuous hours.
  • There are 9 intensity settings and 6 massage modes, covering everything from acupuncture to cupping and scraping.

NOTE: If you’re a pregnant woman or suffer from hypertension, this product is not suited for you. People with pacemakers should also not be using a TENS massager without consulting their doctor.

Pads Placement Guide

Please Note

  1. Please turn off the device before you touch the pads.
  2. Clean the skin area before applying the pads.

Using Tips

To ensure good adhesive effect and durability of TENS pads, seal the electrodes on the protective film after each use.

Replace the TENS pad when it loses stickiness.

Package Includes

1 x Remote Mini TENS Massager

1 x Remote Control

1 x Micro-USB Charging Cable

1 x User Manual

How to Use

Product Specification


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