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Seven acupressure points to relieve constipation

There is no need to suffer silently from constipation any longer. Stop depending on laxatives and harmful medicines. A very safe, effective therapy in the form of acupressure is now available to relieve you from constipation.

You can do acupressure on your own. Finally, a remedy that will completely eradicate constipation. You can lead a happy and healthy life.

Let us understand the acupressure points and how to use them.

Constipation: what and why?

Constipation can turn dangerous, and it should not be taken lightly. It can aggravate and cause fissures, haemorrhoids, weaken immunity, leaky gut. Non-removal of toxic matter from the body is a severe issue. Chronic constipation causes Colorectal cancer.

Sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, holding back, absence of beneficial bacteria in the gut, apart from some medical conditions, are responsible for constipation.

Laxatives have a very limited and temporary role to play in relieving this malady. That is where complementary therapies come into play. Acupressure is very effective in reducing and, in many cases, permanently solving the problem.

How to relieve constipation with acupressure?

Acupressure as therapeutic treatment is used for thousands of years in ancient Chinese civilization. The belief is that the energy flow blocks in various meridians and points in the body and this leads to physical disorder.

In acupressure, designated points are stimulated in the body to facilitate the unobstructed flow of energy. It heals the body. Acupressure is simple to administer. You can manage to do it without any help from others. It is convenient and effective.

Let us know of some important acupressure points and ways to stimulate it.

These points are identified by the meridian (lines of energy) on which they lie, their original ancient Chinese names, and the equivalent English names.

Drink warm water before the acupressure session. It helps drain the toxin out of the body fast. Remember to breathe regularly and take deep breaths during the therapy

He Gu (LI 4)

he gu
6. He Gu Points

It is a very prominent acupressure point of the body. And it plays a vital role in relieving many diseases. It lies on the Large Intestine meridian and is the 4th point on it. Hence the name LI 4.

In Chinese, it is called He-Gu, and the equivalent English name is Joining valley point.

Hold all your fingers of the hand together. A prominent line forms between the thumb and forefinger. The point where this line ends is the He-Gu point.

Press this point forcefully with the thumb of the other hand. Press and rotate clockwise and anticlockwise for about half a minute. Then press and hold it for another half a minute. The total time of stimulation should be around one minute.

Do the same with the He Gu point of the other hand. It relieves constipation and increases immunity. Pregnant ladies should not stimulate this point, as it may initiate contraction of the uterus.

Qu chi (LI 11)

LI 11

It is the 11th point on the Large Intestine Meridian. Known as Crooked pond in English and Qu chi in Chinese, it is a second most important point for constipation after He-gu.

Fold your left hand from the elbow and hold your right shoulder. A line gets formed at the point where your forearm meets the biceps. Trace this line to the end. The point where this line ends is the Qu chi point.

Stimulate this point with either the forefinger or the thumb of the other hand for one minute. The stimulation can be a press-release technique or small circular motions on the point.

Repeat the same for the Qu chi point of the other hand.

Zhi gou (TB6)


It is the 6th point on Triple Burner meridian. ‘Lung channel of hand’ in English and Zhi gou in Chinese, this point is on the forearm.

Keep your palm down, facing the ground. Raise the palm from the wrist to form a crease on the wrist. Three inches away from this crease on the middle line is the TB6 point. It is roughly 1/3rd of the total length from the wrist to the elbow.

Press this point with the thumb of the other hand. You can also move the thumb in a circular motion. Stimulate for a minute. Do the same on the other hand.

This point helps relieve chronic constipation.


sea of qi

It is also known as the Sea of QI. It is the 6th point on the conception vessel meridian. Mark three-finger width from your belly button to the right and left. These are the two points of CV 6.

Stimulate these two points simultaneously with your forefinger or thumb. Press and rotate these points in clockwise and anticlockwise directions for 30 seconds.

Remember to breathe normally during the point stimulation

Guan Yuan (CV 4)

guan yuan

Known as the Guan Yuan, it is the 4thpoint on the conception vessel meridian. This point is three inches below the navel.

With your forefinger or thumb, stimulate the point with circular motion or press and release it for 1 minute.

The stimulation releases the hardened stool, and it starts travelling down the intestine.

Zhong Wan (CV 12)

CV 12

Known as the centre of power in English and Zhong wan in Chinese, it relieves constipation.

Locate the base of your breast bone. Think of a line from the base of the breastbone to the navel.

The centre of this line is the Zhong Wan point. With your forefinger or thumb, press hard on this point for about 1 – 1 ½ minute. Do not press more than 2 minutes in any case.

Stimulate this point only on an empty stomach. It relieves constipation and abdominal spasms.

Persons suffering from heart ailments, hypertension, or cancer, should not stimulate this point.

Perineal massage

Perineum lies between the anus and the genitals. Find the centre of this perineum membrane and massage it with circular motions with your finger. Do this for about a minute.

It helps break down the stool and softens it up.

With patience and regularity do all this acupressure stimulation for about a week. The results will start showing up in about a week. The effect of the acupressure builds gradually but sustains for a long time.

Continue for a few weeks with the acupressure,  even after you are relieved completely. It is not at all habit-forming. Once your bowel movement has normalized, you can stop it. You can again resort to it if needed any time in future.

With patience and faith, a chronic and dangerous ailment can be subdued by acupressure.

You can again lead a happy and stress-free life.